You Can Make Delectable Chocolate Ganache In These Three Ways

Let’s agree, anything related to chocolate excites us the most. Be it chomping away chocolate treats without any guilt or even preparing desserts that require chocolates, everything and anything chocolaty leaves us thrilled. And, today, we would like to talk about chocolate ganache. It’s commonly spread on cakes, poured over sundaes, and basically, used to bring more richness and texture to various sweet delights. Ideally, it’s prepared with chocolate and cream. But, it’s not always that you want to stick to the usual simple and quick recipe. Sometimes, you can experiment with it and make your chocolate ganache more flavourful. Chef Tejasvi Chandela shared a video on Instagram demonstrating three different ways to make the chocolate ganache.

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For the caption, she wrote, “What I love about making ganache is that you can flavour them so easily and they barely take any time to make.”

Ingredients required to make the three types of chocolate ganache:

1) Dark chocolate and orange

– Fresh cream (200 g)

– Malabar Dark Chocolate (200 g – 64%)

– Zest of one orange

– Unsalted butter – 5 g

2) Milk chocolate with cinnamon latte

– Idukki milk chocolate (200g – 33%)

– Fresh cream (150 g)

– Cinnamon stick (1)

– Instant coffee powder – 8 grams

3) White chocolate with gin and lime

– White chocolate (200 g)

– Fresh cream – 130 g

– Gin (8 ml)

– Zest of one lime

Follow these steps to make the three kinds of ganache

1) Dark chocolate and orange

Step 1: Take some cream in a pan and bring it to a boil. Gradually, add grated orange peel into the preparation. Mix well and remove it from the stove.

Step 2: Meanwhile, be ready with your chopped dark chocolate in a separate bowl. Put the cream preparation into it. Cover it with plastic wrap and let it sit for some time. Now, mix the ingredients well. In the end, blend in some unsalted butter too. 

2) Milk chocolate with cinnamon latte

Step 1: Take the mentioned amount of cream in a pan and add a cinnamon stick to it. Put the instant coffee powder, mix everything well and bring it to a boil.

Step 2: Add it to your bowl of chopped milk chocolate. Cover it with plastic and later, give it a good mix. 

3) White chocolate with gin and lime

Step 1: Take some fresh cream and bring it to a boil. However, before that, just add grated lime to it. Mix well.

Step 2: Keep your chopped white chocolate ready in a bowl. Mix the cream preparation into it. Cover it with plastic and let it rest for some time. Now, remove the cover and mix everything well. The chef mentioned that you need to add the gin after whisking and emulsifying the ganache.

We hope these ways of savouring chocolate ganache will make you happy. 

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