‘Yellowjackets’ star Christina Ricci shares some hilariously odd tips for being passive aggressive

    Christina Ricci’s Yellowjackets character Misty is a master of passive aggression, but it turns out that may not have been too much of a stretch for Ricci herself.

    Appearing on The Late Show on Monday she joked with Stephen Colbert about how she regularly has to employ passive aggressive tactics in her IRL life, too.

    “I’m a very passive aggressive person personally. I’m 5’2”, I can’t be openly aggressive, I’ll get killed. So I employ passive aggression all the time,” Ricci grins in the clip above, before describing some of her best moves — including starting sentences with the word “sorry” and an impressively offbeat use of a Frozen song.

    “At work, I’ll sing a little derisive song to the tune of ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?'” says Ricci. “So like, someone will do something annoying and I put lyrics to it.”

    Sadly she refuses to do a rendition, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

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