Woman Got A Ceramic Bowl Stuck In Another And Asked Internet For Help. Her Post Is Now Viral

Woman Got A Ceramic Bowl Stuck In Another And Asked Internet For Help. Her Post Is Now Viral

The photo posted by the woman on Twitter.

A woman’s tweets seeking help from social media users have gone viral. In the Twitter thread, she has posted a photo of two ceramic bowls stacked into each other and wants to pull them out.

“Twitter, I need your help. I stacked a ceramic bowl into another one while doing dishes and now they are stuck. How do you remove the smaller bowl without breaking both of them? Why am I so invested? I’ve tried to fix this for 2 days, and I cannot give up now,” Chi Nguyen said in her first tweet, stating the problem. This alone has been liked more than 35,000 times and over 7,500 people have commented.

In subsequent tweets, the woman explained what all she has “tried so far”: Warm soapy water, oil on edges, microwave, aggressive shaking, Water submergence, upside down, twisting inner bowl, tapping outer bowl, cards, toothpicks and straws.

But the woman, who describes herself as an artist on Twitter and is New York based, said the bowls are still stuck. The post was flooded with comments.

“You know that tool that takes dents out of cars. It’s like a suction cup? Or what high tech criminals use to get glass out that they just cut? You need that,” commented one user.

“Counter-rotating the bowls could release the stiction. Without squeezing too hard, grasp the outer bowl by the rim. Reach into the inner bowl using something like a jar gripper and press outwards slightly. Then rotate in opposite directions. Obviously this requires 4ish hands,” said another.

Some users were enjoying the comments, while others found them very helpful, claiming they are facing similar problem.

“Let us all rest tonight knowing these bowls will still be together tomorrow,” the woman said in her final tweet, thanking the users who came forward to help her.

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