When Is National Dengue Day Celebrated? Top 10 GK Questions For Government Exams

General knowledge is a vital component of a student’s life that, while not usually mandated in the curriculum, serves as a solid basis for intellectual development. Being well-versed in GK is very important while preparing for competitive examinations or civil services.

We’ve compiled a list of ten objective GK questions covering topics such as history, economics, the environment, and politics, among others, to help you improve your general knowledge.
1. Who used the word ‘Hindu’ for the first time with reference to the people of Hind (India)?

a. Greeks

b. Romans

c. Chinese

d. Arabs

Answer- d. Arabs
2. Which of the following is considered a part of financial inclusion?

a. Nationalization of Banks

b. Regional Rural Banks


d. All of the above

Answer- d. All of the above

3. The length of Kumbhalgarh fort is-

a. 30 km

b. 32 km

c. 36 km

d. 40 km

Answer- c. 36 km

4. Where is the Statue of Peace situated?

a. Gujarat

b. Uttar Pradesh

c. Madhya Pradesh

d. Rajasthan

Answer- d. Rajasthan

5. Which state government gives the National Poet Pradeep Samman-

a. Government of Haryana

b. Government of Rajasthan

c. Government of Madhya Pradesh

d. Government of Gujarat

Answer- c. Government of Madhya Pradesh

6. National Dengue Day is celebrated on-

a. 14 May

b. 15 May

c. 16 May

d. 17 May

Answer- c. 16 May

7. The famous comic character Chacha Chaudhary has been declared as the official mascot of which mission by the central government?

a. National Health Mission

b. Namami Gange Mission

c. Swachh Bharat Mission

d. Atal Mission for Renewal and Urban Transformation

Answer- b. Namami Gange Mission

8. What is the reason for the formation of mirages in
the desert?

a. Reflection

b. Refraction

c. Dispersion

d. Total internal reflection

Answer – d. Total internal reflection

9. World Maritime Day is celebrated on-

a. 10 September

b. 15 September

c. 20 September

d. 30 September

Answer- d. 30 September

10. Which country won the Thomas Cup 2022?

a. Indonesia

b. China

c. Denmark

d. India

Answer- d. India

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