Watch: Massive Jellyfish Swarm Appear Like Polka Dots In Israeli Sea

Watch: Massive Jellyfish Swarm Appear Like Polka Dots In Israeli Sea

Jellyfish that visit Israel are migratory, invasive species.

A mesmerising aerial video has captured a huge swarm of jellyfish off the coast of Israel. The country’s marine authorities were inspecting the waters of Haifa Bay last month during the annual jellyfish migration when its boat was surrounded by the mass of tentacled creatures, the Times Of Israel reported. 

The video shared by the nation’s Parks and Nature Authority shows the giant swarm of jellyfish causing the water to look speckled with white when viewed from above. 

Watch the video below: 

The Parks and Nature Authority said that pollution and climate change are increasing the intensity of the jellyfish swarms. In a press release, the officials stated that the many things that humans are doing are helping to propagate the jellyfish including the digging of the Suez Canal, polluting the sea with sewage, climate change and harming jellyfish predators such as sunfish and sea turtles.  

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As per the Times Of Israel, most of the jellyfish that visit Israel are migratory, invasive species. They originate in the Indian Ocean and are believed to reach the eastern Mediterranean via the Suez Canal. The tentacled creatures are a threat to Israel’s power supply as they get sucked into the nation’s power station, which uses seawater for cooling. 

Jellyfish were among the first inhabitants of the planet. Today they live in all the seas and oceans of the world at every depth. The invertebrates have no brain and are 95-98% water. Their tentacles can sting and inject venom into humans, which usually results in mild to serious discomfort. In some rare cases, their sting could also lead to extreme pain or even death.  



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