Viral Video: Toddler Snatching Back Her Food From Man Is Too Relatable To Miss
Viral Video: Toddler Snatching Back Her Food From Man Is Too Relatable To Miss

Any parent will tell you that feeding a toddler is a difficult task. Besides being highly picky eaters, many infants require hours of pestering to complete their meals. You will find many parents using all kinds of tactics and techniques to make their children eat food. However, if your child is a true foodie, you might face another problem. Foodie children often sneak their way into finding biscuits, chips or maybe some of their leftover food from last night. You will find them hiding in the closet with their favourite snack or not even sharing a bite of their food with others. Recently, one such similar thing happened to a man when he tried to take a bite from a toddler’s plate.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram user, we can see a few people sitting in a restaurant with a toddler. As the man shows the toddler’s plate, he takes a small bite of chicken on his fork. Then immediately, the toddler grabs his fork and takes back her food and puts it on her plate. In the video, the man also wrote, “She mean boy.” Check out the full story here:

Ever since he uploaded the video, it has been viewed 2.5 million times and has 224K likes and more than a thousand comments. Check out some of the reactions below:

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“I can’t stop watching this. So funny.”

“Same child probably throws a fit when you don’t want to share with her.”

“I would do the same, that’s the last piece of chicken!”

“Mean babies end up being the kindest people, though.”

“It’s the way she snatched it and put it back on her plate bruh.”

Many others have also reacted to the video by using emojis and tagging people.

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