Viral Video: Blogger’s Bizarre Recipe Uses Smoked Flour To Coat Chicken
Viral Video: Blogger’s Bizarre Recipe Uses Smoked Flour To Coat Chicken

The internet is home to plenty of recipes and cooking methods. A quick search online for your favourite dishes will give you countless recipes to choose from and try at home. Gone are the days when recipe books were our only source of information! However, not all of the recipes available online are authentic and verified. There are plenty of experimental recipes that bloggers and home chefs come up with and share online. Recently, a Twitter user @JustinTarnation shared a recipe by a blogger named @jortskitchen. The blogger actually put dry flour in his barbecue grill to give it a smoky flavour! Take a look at the bizarre video here:

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The video has gone viral on Twitter, raking in over 3.7 million views and nearly 160k likes. “This fried chicken experiment changed my life,” said the blogger in the clip. He first took the chicken wings and soaked it in buttermilk, leaving it to be marinated overnight. Then, he said he would take flour in a tray and ‘smoke It’ for a couple of hours, stirring it periodically in between. The Twitter user asked in the caption, “Hold on, smoked flour???” The blogger then added some seasoning to the flour, coated the chicken in it and then deep-fried it until golden-brown.

A flurry of reactions poured into the bizarre video shared on Twitter. The blogger’s strange experiment of cooking flour in a barbecue grill did not go down well with users online. Many of them questioned the usage of smoked flour, saying that flour was actually going to get cooked when it was deep-fried with the chicken. Several others admitted they were interested in the usage of smoked flour in the blogger’s recipe. Others said they would rather use regular flour instead for the same result.

Take a look at the reactions to the bizarre recipe:

This is not the only bizarre food that has gone viral in the recent past. Recently, a weird recipe for Indian curry had confused the internet too. It was touted to be the ‘National Dish of India’ by the recipe book in which it was printed.

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