Viral: Baby Pours Milk For The First Time Without Spilling; Her Reaction Is Unmissable
Viral: Baby Pours Milk For The First Time Without Spilling; Her Reaction Is Unmissable

Childhood is often described as the ‘golden period’ of our lives. Memories from our childhood always bring a smile to our face. It is the only time when we are free of responsibilities and have the freedom to explore anything we desire. However, the initial few years of this phase are often the most crucial. This is the time when babies learn to develop new skills and achieve important milestones. From taking the first few steps to tasting food for the first time – there are so many firsts that deserve to be celebrated. A recent viral video shows a baby girl pouring milk for the first time without spilling it and her reaction is too adorable to miss.  

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In a video uploaded by Instagram user @thelittledreameruk, we can see a baby girl pouring milk into her cereal. As soon as she finishes pouring, she gets surprised that not even a single drop of milk was spilled while doing so. “Ottie pours her milk into her cereal every morning. We definitely have a few spillages but this morning we didn’t. She was quite rightly surprised and pleased with herself!” read the caption of the post. Take a look at the full video here: 

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Ever since the video was uploaded, it has been viewed 12M times, has 1.3M likes, and thousands of comments. Netizens have found this video extremely adorable and appreciated the toddler for her fine skills. A comment read, “I cannot get over how brilliant Ottie’s gross and fine motor skills are. She is incredible!” 

Another person wrote, “Ahh she’s getting so clever! The little chuffed smile is so cute.”  

“I absolutely love seeing her videos! She is so, so cute!” wrote another. 

A fourth person commented, “That was amazing! She looks so proud of herself!” 


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