Tom Morello praises 10-year-old guitarist Ludovick Tshiswaka: “Some of the best guitar playing I’ve witnessed”

Tom Morello photo by Amy Harris and Ludovick Tshiswaka photo via YouTube

If your shredding skills have gotten a nod from Tom Morello before you’re even old enough to drive a car, it’s safe to say you probably have a bright future ahead. The Rage Against the Machine guitarist took to Twitter yesterday to praise “some of the best guitar playing” he’s heard recently, which comes from a 10-year-old legend in the making named Ludovick Tshiswaka.

Tshiswaka is a Brazilian-Congolese musician and producer whose cover videos on Instagram and YouTube have garnered a moderate social media following. Other music-related accounts tend to circulate his videos, too, which is how Morello came across him: “Well that’s some of the best guitar playing I’ve witnessed in quite some time,” he said, quote-tweeting a clip of Tshiswaka effortlessly playing some jazz licks over a backing track.

If Tshiswaka is interested in being part of a full band, he’s plenty qualified to join Morello’s son Roman and pint-sized drumming sensation Nandi Bushell. The kids are all right, after all. See Morello’s tweet and Tshiswaka’s full video below.

Last December, Morello shared his second solo album of 2021, The Atlas Underground Flood. Since then, he’s appeared on MC5’s recent single “Heavy Lifting,” and he executive produced the musical comedy film Metal Lords.



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