This Plum-Ginger Juice May Help You Build Immunity
This Plum-Ginger Juice May Help You Build Immunity

The hot and humid weather has gone, and we are finally blessed with some rain. We love watching the rains pour down and spend our time having some of the crispy delights of this season. However, when the season is changing, our health and immunities may take a hit, and we might fall sick. It could be a common cold, throat ache, cough, or even a slight fever- season change can take a toll on our bodies. So, if this is something that you also go through, it is important to have immunity-building foods. While there are a lot of things that one can make, here we bring you a delicious plum-ginger juice to relish.

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Plum, popularly known as aloobhokara, is in season right now. There are many different colours and sizes of plums; these colours can range from yellow to white, green, and red. Plums are a rich source of nutrients that support health. The DK Publishing book “Healing Foods” claims that these sour fruits are a stimulant of metabolism and have high antioxidant and detoxifying effects. Along with vitamin C and beta-carotene, they also include minerals including chromium, potassium, selenium, and others.

In comparison, ginger is known to be antibacterial and rich in antioxidants. Even a small amount of ginger with your daily meals can aid your health. So, with these excellent benefits of both ginger and plum, you have to make this plum-ginger juice a part of your diet! Check out the recipe below.

Plum-Ginger Juice Recipe: Here’s How To Make Plum-Ginger Juice

Take one plum and chop it into small pieces. Now take one tbsp of ginger and blend in with the plum pieces. Once it is done, take two tbsp of this puree and mix some water. If the taste seems a bit bitter, add some honey or sugar. Mix and drink!

For the full recipe of this Plum-Ginger Juice Recipe, click here.

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