This iOS 16.4 update will just blow your mind; Know all about Web Push Notifications

    Just a couple of days ago, leaks revealed that the iOS 16.4 update is very close to a global release. While an official date for rollout has not been announced, iPhone users have been waiting for this update for quite a while. And one of the big reasons behind this is that the update adds a cool new feature that can be quite handy for some. The new iOS update will allow users to add the Safari web apps on the home screen to send them push notifications. Many have wanted this feature for a while and finally Apple has delivered. Check out all the information around the new web push notifications feature.

    Interestingly, the functionality to add a shortcut to a website on the home screen coupled with an application-like icon has been around since the first iPhone. These website shortcuts are today better known as web applications because they imitate the process similar to an application but they are not a software that can be installed on the device. But these web applications never had the ability to send users push notifications. But now, that will change. And it can lead to some interesting advantages for users.

    iOS 16.4 brings web push notifications feature

    After this update, users will be able to accept requests from these web apps for push notifications as long as the request requires a direct user interaction. Once accepted, these notifications will show up exactly like a notification from any other iOS application. These will show up on the lock screen, in the notification center and even on the Apple Watch.

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    For convenience, users can also manage these permissions in Notifications settings and either accept or reject push notifications from a particular web app.

    Additionally, these web apps will also be able to send notification badge count as well as have them be shown in the focus mode, provided the user has turned on those settings.

    So, now, users can get notifications from their favorite news websites, blog sites or any other website they frequent and will not have to worry about missing out on an update.

    Apart from this, iOS 16.4 also adds some cool features such as new emojis, a new Beta menu in the Software Updates tab, a revamped Home app architecture and improvements to the podcast app.

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