“They Took Out 3 Bullets From My Leg”: Former Pak PM Imran Khan

Imran Khan claimed that the whole assassination plot against him was conceived 2 months ago.


Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday claimed that three bullets were taken out of his right leg after he was attacked at a political rally in Gujranwala.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chief made these claims while speaking from his residence in Zaman Park, Lahore, during an exclusive interview with CNN’s Becky Anderson.

“They took out three bullets from my right leg. The left had some shrapnel which they’ve left inside,” CNN quoted Imran Khan as saying.

On being asked about what information he has received and by whom, he said that he has got them from within the intelligence agencies.

“Remember, three and a half years I was in power. I have connections with intelligence agencies, the different agencies that operate,” he said.

Imran Khan further claimed that the whole assassination plot against him was conceived two months ago, ARY News reported on Monday quoting Imran Khan’s interview with CNN.

“It all started when I was deposed, and from then onwards it was expected that my party would fall apart, but what happened instead was that there was a big public backlash and my party gained immense support,” he said.

Imran Khan claimed that the incumbent government had planned the attack on him and wanted to show that a “religious fanatic did it”, reported ARY News.

“It was a planned assassination attempt. I went on air beforehand and warned that this is what would happen,” he added.

Earlier on Monday, Imran Khan wrote a letter to the country’s President Arif Alvi, asking him to act against the “abuse of power and violations of laws and Constitution.”

“No person or State institution can be above the law of the land. We have been seeing a massive abuse of citizens at the hands of rogue elements within State organisations, including custodial torture and abductions all carried out with impunity. You hold the highest Office of State and I am requesting you to act now to stop the abuse of power and violations of our laws and of the Constitution, which ensures the fundamental rights of every citizen,” Khan wrote in a letter to Alvi.

Imran Khan was shot during his long march in Wazirabad on Thursday, leading to bullet injuries in his legs. After sustaining injuries on his leg, he was shifted to a hospital for treatment.

Khan was leading PTI’s march towards Islamabad when he came under attack at Wazirabad. Thursday’s attack left one dead and 13 injured, reported Geo News.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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