These 7 Lip-Smacking Bengali Snacks Will Elevate Your Chai Experience
These 7 Lip-Smacking Bengali Snacks Will Elevate Your Chai Experience

Tea time always calls for some snacks! As much as a cup of delicious tea relaxes us, some snacks with it feel amazing. You can dunk in some biscuits, have some namkeen, or maybe relish the crisp samosas, kachoris and more. Anything savoury and crunchy with the evening cuppa is the combination that no one can beat. However, when choosing what snacks to have, we always opt for something readily available in our kitchens. But when that taste starts to bore you, you might search for some interesting recipes to make! For the same, here we bring you some Bengali snacks to make with your kadak chai. If you think that Bengalis are only the masters of making sweet treats, think again! Bengal’s rich and diverse food culture has so much to offer that each dish might leave you in a surprise. But today, we will start with some basics and give you some yummy Bengali snacks to add to your menu!

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1. Ghugni

Ghugni is a delicious snack made from boiling chickpeas simmered in a pool of traditional spices and topped with chopped onion, green chillies, and mutton chunks. See the recipe here.

2. Nimki

It has a crunchy, golden-brown texture with the typical pin holes so that it fries properly. This mathri like snack requires essential ingredients to be cooked and is all things delicious with tea! The recipe is here.

3. Pua Pitha

It’s incredibly simple to prepare and shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes. All you need is flour, semolina, and sugar, which are all readily available in any kitchen pantry. It’s crunchy and sweet, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea. Here is the recipe.

4. Singhara

This triangular puff pastry is shaped like a samosa and stuffed with a spicy potato mix or keema deep-fried in oil. Traditional chutney or tomato ketchup is offered with these Bengali style sizzling samosas. Check out the recipe here.


5. Chops

Chops are deep-fried spicy cutlets with bread crumbs on top. Chops grew popular in Kolkata’s cabins and evolved into a street-side speciality over time. Chops are served with ketchup or a mustard sauce called kasundi. Click for the recipe here.

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6. Urad Dal Vada

This vada recipe is also called Bengali Biuli Dal Er Boda and is cooked with a thick mixture of ground urad dal, sooji, chillies, onion, and other delectable spices. The ideal accompaniment to this vada is pudina chutney. Find the recipe here.

Urad Dal Vada

7. Jhalmuri

This delicacy is made with puffed rice, a mix of chillies, mustard oil, freshly chopped onions, and various spices, and it’s a must-try! It’s an irresistible snack to munch on thanks to the inclusion of chaat masala and lemon; it tastes simply divine! Here is the recipe.

Make these delicious Bengali snacks today and instantly elevate your chai experience!



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