Swiggy Agent Helps Elderly Chennai Couple To Contact Son In Secunderabad; Internet Hails
Swiggy Agent Helps Elderly Chennai Couple To Contact Son In Secunderabad; Internet Hails

Social media never fails to surprise us. It often brings along such good news that leaves us with positivity and good vibes. We recently came across one such news that made us feel good from within. It was about a Swiggy delivery agent going out of his way to help reconnect a family. The whole incident was shared on Twitter by a handle, ‘Saikiran Kannan’. It was about one of Saikiran’s distant relatives (an elderly couple) from Chennai who was not being able to get in touch with their son, who lives alone in Secunderabad. So, they decided to try their luck by sending some groceries to the person’s (named Mr. X in the Twitter post) house via Instamart, just to know his whereabouts.

However, the Swiggy delivery agent soon found that it was the wrong address given to him. “It was eventually found that the address was incorrect. After a lot of searching by the Swiggy man, it was deemed futile to continue the search,” the post read.

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After several tries, they found the correct address and requested the Swiggy agent if he could go to the new address to check on Mr. X. “The delivery man was kind enough to say that he would do it upon completion of his current delivery order,” the tweet read.

After half an hour, the delivery agent found the new address, reached up to Mr. X’s door and made him contact the family. It was found that “Mr. X had met with an accident a few days ago and was under heavy medication. He did not want his parents to get worried and hence was avoiding taking their calls. Now he was getting better! Soon after, he called his folks and narrated his story,” the post further explained.

The Swiggy agent not only made him contact the family but also handed over the groceries, which the elderly couple earlier asked him to keep with himself.

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Take a look at the complete Twitter thread by Saikiran Kannan.

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