Spring is around the corner — check out 10 deals on outdoor gear

    If you’re planning a camping trip when the weather gets warm, you might want to get your gear early so there’s less competition for the best camping and outdoor supplies. If you want to find some awesome prices on all-weather gear, tough wearables, and other cool outdoor gadgets, take a look at the 10 items below that are up to 74% off. 

    See what all that time on the trail is doing for your physical fitness with this affordable smartwatch(Opens in a new tab). The Smart Fit comes equipped with multiple health tracking and monitoring apps and it has a sleek profile, IP67 water- and dust-proofing, and the adjustable strap is super comfortable. Monitor your activity this spring with a fitness-tracking smartwatch that’s on sale for only $34.99 (reg. $139).

    Accidents happen, especially when you’re camping. Make sure you’re prepared by bringing along this fully equipped backpack first aid kit(Opens in a new tab). Whether it’s a sprain, a cut, a cold, or something worse, this first aid kit comes with equipment to help you address it. Everything comes pre-packed into labeled sections for sprains, burns, topical injuries, and more for quick access in an emergency. Plan for the worst but expect the best when you get the Recon First Aid Kit for $198.99 (reg. $250).

    Camping with your car could become your new favorite way to experience nature with this Kickstarter-funded(Opens in a new tab) car tent extension. Just pop open the trunk and attack the Carsule to the open door for your own outdoor living room(Opens in a new tab) with zipping windows and integrated mosquito netting. With 6.5 feet of standing height, there’s a lot of room to stretch your legs when you get this pop-up cabin for just $299.99 (reg. $379).

    The heat of a spring hike might have you missing the cool air of winter, but this wearable neck fan(Opens in a new tab) could help. Just hang it around your neck like a pair of headphones and enjoy 360-degree airflow from safe, bladeless fans that can be controlled at the touch of a button. On a single charge, this wearable fan could last up to 12 hours, and you can get it for $39.99 (reg. $119).

    This two-pack of 4K HD drone(Opens in a new tab)s can help you enjoy nature from above. Get the lay of the land from up to 300 feet in the air with the Alpha Z and 320 feet with the Flying Fox. Make sure you bring along a portable power station so you can keep your phone charged and enjoy live, first-person video as you soar through the air with nimble multi-channel controls. Both drones fold for easy transport, and you can get them for $149.99 (reg. $398).

    Whether you’re going out for a dip in the lake late at night or want to try your hand shadow puppetry, a flashlight is just a good thing to bring camping. The Lumen Tactical LED Flashlight from Observer tools has an adjustable brightness that maxes out at 1,200 lumens and lets you adjust the width of the beam. All it needs to recharge is a USB-C cable, and you can even use it as a power bank to power up your Lightning, USB-C, and micro-USB type device with the included cord. Take this water-resistant and dust-proof flashlight(Opens in a new tab) with you almost anywhere, but first, you have to get it for just $59.99 (reg. $89).

    These little flashlights(Opens in a new tab) are great for the light packer. Use the built-in carabiner to clip one to your belt or stick the magnetic backing onto any metal surface. The one-button controls let you switch between strobe, low, medium, and super bright settings for up to 800 lumens of illumination. That’s a lot of light in a small package, and you can use it to pop the top off your drink, too. Use this compact flashlight for everything from scary-story mood lightning to a mounted light for night photography, and a two-pack is only $29.99 (reg. $54).

    The seasons may be changing, but those spring nights can still get pretty chilly. Make sure you stay warm with this self-heated vest(Opens in a new tab) with seven adjustable heat zones all powered by any compatible power bank. Even without the battery, you’ve still got a stylish, waterproof vest with plenty of pockets for just $49.99 (reg. $149).

    You choose how intense of a workout you want to have with this long-range eBike(Opens in a new tab). Hit the road up to 20mph powered by a 500W motor, and don’t forget to check the embedded dash display to see your speed, distance, battery life, and more. Activate pedal assist mode to extend the range up to 50 miles. There’s even an anti-theft alarm that puts out up to 120 decibels if someone bumps, moves, or tries to steal your bike, which could also be used as a bear horn(Opens in a new tab) in case a fluffy visitor decides to visit your campsite. Enjoy a ride through nature this spring when you get a BirdBike for $899 (reg. $2,299).

    Campfire cooking is great for a lot of things, but then you have a fire to babysit. If you want the convenience of an oven while you’re camping, this portable solar oven kit(Opens in a new tab) could be your new favorite off-the-grid gadget. The GoSun doesn’t need any fuel other than sunlight, and the exterior glass tube and reflector shields stay cool to the touch even as the internal temperature rises up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re camping somewhere with fire restrictions, you can still have a hot meal if you get the GoSun Portable Solar Oven Kit for $78.99 (reg. $124).

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