‘SNL’ Weekend Update riffs on Tucker Carlson, the Oscars, and more

    The week’s biggest and sometimes depressing news makes for some great comedy as Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost riffed on the headlines from this past week.

    The start of the segment focused on the Oscars, where the Academy is doing everything in its power to avoid a repeat of that incident from last year.

    “Organizers of the Oscars said they are changing the color of the arrival carpet from red to champagne so that the mood would be more mellow,” Jost states. “But I don’t know, switching from red to champagne usually turns me into a full-on bitch.”

    Che then tackles the next segment on President Biden’s billionaire bill, excited that the pop-star Rihanna will finally pay her fair share, “HA take that,” Che jokes, to the confusion of the studio audience and himself. He continues that Biden proposed budget would spend money to counter Chinese disinformation.

    “It will target the #1 source of Chinese disinformation: fortune cookies.”

    The biggest laughs of the night came as both hosts covered Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who spent the past week trying to frame the Jan. 6 insurrection as a “peaceful gathering.”

    “Tucker Carlson seen here laughing at a dog locked in a hot car,” Jost quips referring to the over-the-shoulder image of Carlson. “Released security from the January 6th attacks with the violence edited out and said it proves it was a peaceful gathering. Which is like editing out all the sex from a porn video and saying it’s a short film about being a stepmom.”

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