‘SNL’ host Jenna Ortega reads lines with Fred Armisen for ‘Parent Trap’ remake

    From the headline, you would think that Saturday Night Live’s sketch remaking the beloved 1998 film Parent Trap, would involve our host Jenna Ortega and guest star Fred Armisen as father and daughter, right?

    Well, obviously you would be wrong and should be ashamed for thinking so. Instead, Ortega plays the dual role of Annie and Hallie in this remake, however, because Ortega’s body double is out sick, a crew member (Armisen) takes their place instead. With Bown Yang at the helm as the movie’ss director, all Armisen has to do is read his lines. Things go off the rails fast.

    “Um, sir, I don’t think the script said bitch,” Yang tells Armisen after the latter ad-libs his lines.

    “Sorry about that, I did a little off-the-cuff thing,” Armisen replies back. “Like they do on Curb. You guys watch Curb, I love Curb.”

    Despite the mess-up, the production goes on as planned as the director reassures Ortega that her 56-year-old body double will be CGI’d out of the film later. The funniest bit of the sketch happens near the end, when the two shoot the iconic scene in the film where the twins realize that, well, they’re twins.

    “You have one old picture of your mom and I have one old picture of my dad,” Ortega says in character. Armisen, confused by how long it’s taking for Ortega to realize their twins responds back “Yeah like in that Lindsey Lohan movie about the twins.”

    Undisturbed by the misread, Ortega continues, “But at least yours is probably a whole picture.”

    “A hole picture,” a shocked Armisen says. “Don’t look at those, you’re 11.”

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