SHOCKING iPhone 15 design leak; Apple to add USB-C port, but with an annoying twist

    Last year, the European Union passed a groundbreaking law that said all consumer electronics devices will be required to use USB-C ports by the end of 2024. This would mean that no matter which brand or which device a company sells in Europe, they all must have a USB-C port for charging, data transfer and similar needs. This was done in view to standardize devices and to reduce the material waste of people buying separate chargers for separate devices. The biggest to be affected by it was Apple, which still uses the lightning port for its iPhones, however, early rumors suggested that the iPhone 15 series is likely to feature the USB-C port. However, a new iPhone 15 design leak has revealed some concerning details.

    The information comes from Apple tipster ShrimpApplePro who recently revealed in a tweet that, “Yeah usb-c with MFI is happening. Foxconn already in mass production accessories like EarPods and cables”. While it should be considered news to rejoice, the devil is in the details. The leak mentions that while USB-C cables are already being manufactured, they will feature MFi licensing. And that can be troubling for some iPhone fans.

    iPhone 15 design leak reveals USB-Port to come with MFi accessories

    For those not familiar with the term, MFi is short for “Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad,” and is Apple’s official licensing program for accessories designed for these devices. Essentially, every Apple cable, EarPods and similar accessories are fitted with an authenticator chip that confirms that the accessory plugged in is a licensed Apple product and not a third-party cable or earphone. Further, the chip also allows Apple to limit any unlicensed accessories.

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    The tipster explained in a separate tweet and said, “Cables w no MFI will be software limited in data and charging speed”.

    This move is concerning for a couple of reasons. First, the USB-C is supposed to be an open standard, which is why the EU passed the law in the first place. Authenticator chips go against such spirit and force consumers to buy branded accessories. Second, Apple introduced the USB-C to iPads and MacBooks last year without any such restrictions.

    If the leaks are to be believed, then iPhone users will have to pay for more expensive charging cables and EarPods in order to enjoy high-speed charging and data transfer.

    However, these are still rumors at this stage and it remains to be seen whether Apple does implement this or allows open standard USB-C for its iPhone devices, just like it did for iPad and MacBook.

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