Sharvari Wagh’s Dubai Foodie Trail Features These Yummy Delight

Sharvari Wagh’s Dubai food diaries have our hearts. This time, the actress relished a mouthful of burger stuffed with a scrumptious patty and topped with onion rings and greens. Oh, wait, there are some crispy drool-worthy fries as well. We could also spot a couple of dips to accompany the savoury delights. Don’t overlook the refreshing lemonade. That smile on her face added pizzazz to the frame. The caption read, “This girl didn’t know how much she would spend at the mall later that day.” 

If you’ve started craving burgers, it’s time to make your heart happy with a good burger. If you don’t know how to make burgers at home, find some wonderful recipes below:

1) Vegetable Burger

This is an absolute delight for vegetarians. A tasty patty made with potatoes, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots and other vegetables is sandwiched between buns. Mustard sauce and mayonnaise taste yummy. Recipe here.

2) Tawa Paneer Burger

This desi-style tawa paneer burger is spicy, delicious and carries the goodness of paneer. It’s rich in protein as well as taste. Do try it out sometime at home. Here is the recipe.    


3) Chicken And Fish Burger

Yes, this burger will give you a chance to savour chicken and fish together. The best part about it is that the burger gets ready in merely twenty minutes. To assemble it, spread the sauce on the burger halves. Put chicken breast on one half and fish pieces on the other. Also, add tomatoes and onion slices and lettuce to each of them.  Click here for the recipe.

chicken burger

4) Rajma Patty Burger

Do you want to give your burger a healthy twist? If yes, then, go for this recipe. This delight has a sumptuous patty prepared with rajma, also known as red kidney beans. It has a highly nutritious profile which makes it healthy. Try this burger and share it with your family members as well.  Recipe inside.

5) Potato Corn Burger

For this tasty burger, you’ve got to use potatoes, corn, leeks, celery, jalapenos, and feta cheese to make patties. Garnish it with lettuce, tomatoes, gherkins and serve with hot chips. Time to look at the recipe now.

Don’t forget to pair your burgers with some mouth-watering fries and dips.

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