Several people move to Mastodon amid Twitter chaos; social media buzzes with memes

New Delhi: With Elon Musk now in control of Twitter, the social media site is somewhat in disarray. People who use the platform started to worry about the sustainability of the ecosystem there as the billionaire went on a big layoff binge, sacking nearly 50 percent of Twitter’s staff. Safety issues and false information are other growing concerns.

Many users did not agree with Musk’s choice to sell the blue tick for $8. Many Twitter users are considering leaving the service in light of this. Many people have been thinking about switching to Mastodon as an alternative to Twitter. (Also Read: Twitter to roll out ‘Blue Tick Subscription’ in THIS month in India; Check what Elon Musk said)

The network now has more than 655 thousand active users, which is the biggest number ever. “The number of people who switched over to #Mastodon in the previous week alone has exceeded 230 thousand,” says the author. Mastodon recently stated on Twitter. (Also Read: 

Mastodon’s guiding principles are quite similar to Twitter’s (you have toots on there instead of tweets). Mastodon is open-source and decentralised, which is how it differs. Mastodon stated in a tweet that “…it can’t be sold and won’t go bankrupt. Your privacy is respected, and it offers users access to the network’s controls.

It’s a protocol on top of a product, much like Twitter ought to have been. You can sign up for the server of your choice on Mastodon.

While the debate over quitting Twitter is still in its early stages and some users are still considering alternatives to Mastodon, others have expressed frustration with the platform’s user interface.

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