Selfie lovers alert! Know 5 tips to take stunning photos with your iPhone

    Love clicking pictures with your iPhone? Here’s how you can take even more amazing photos.

    Smartphone cameras have come a long way in the past two decades. From 2MP cameras on expensive smartphones back in the day to 50MP cameras even in the budget smartphones today, the technological leap has been massive. When it comes to smartphone cameras, iPhones are arguably the best camera phones in the market. The new iPhone 14 series gets even better cameras with upgraded sensors. No matter how good a camera you have, if you lack the basic skills, the pictures won’t come out as good.

    So, if you love taking photos, check out 5 tips to take stunning photos with your iPhone.

    1. Use Gridlines

    One of the best ways to ensure that your subject is properly level in the frame and is following the rule of thirds is to utilize the Grid option, which is already present on your iPhone. Tap on Settings and then Camera. You’ll find the Grid option in the Composition section. Toggle it on to display gridlines.

    2. Portrait Mode

    Your iPhone has a portrait mode which you can take advantage of to take stunning portrait shots of your subjects. The portrait mode features 6 portrait light options – Natural, Studio, Contour, Stage, Stage Mono, and High‑Key Mono, all of which offer slightly different lighting tones to suit different conditions.

    3. Night Mode

    Taking shots when it is extremely dark? Use your iPhone’s night mode to light up your photos even in the darkest of conditions. The light mode option is available directly in the camera app. Tap it to turn it on and you’re ready to take stunning photos even on the blackest night.

    4. Use Live Photos

    Live Photos lets users capture life’s perfect moments as a still picture along with a 2-second video. The feature also allows users to change the Live Photo effects to make it boomerang-esque. You get a list of options such as Live, Loop, Bounce, Long Exposure and Off. Select and apply the effect according to your choice.

    5. Adjust exposure

    Capturing a subject with low light in the surroundings? Don’t worry! You can manually adjust exposure with your iPhone. Simply position your subject and tap on the screen. A light icon will be visible which you can turn up and down to manually adjust exposure according to the lighting needs.

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