School Makes Students Recite Kalma With Mantras For ‘Equality’, Faces Backlash

Florets School in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur is at the heart of controversies after students of all religions in school were made to receive Karmas as part of the morning prayer activity.

Established in 2003, the school has a ritual of reciting the Gayatri mantra which is part of Hinduism, Gurubani which is part of Sikhism, and  Islamic verse, and other religious verses in the morning assembly. The practice was going on for a decade now, however, recently the school had to face heat from people from all walks of life who objected to reciting Kalmas (Islamic verses) as part of prayers. It was alleged that school is forcing religion on students.

The school principal Sumit Makhija who practices Hinduism said that after this controversy, the school management is now deciding to stick only to the national anthem. “There is surely no intention of promoting any one religion,” the principal clarified.

“It has been a practice at this school for years. The school diary has verses of all major religions including Hindu, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam etc written in the diary,” she informed.

“As a practice, reciting verses from different religions was started as a practice to give equal respect to all religions. Now all of a sudden a group of Hindu radicals and some parents opposed it,” claims the school

Police had asked an ACM-level officer to look into the matter. Meanwhile, school authorities have said they will sort it out with the concerned parents.

Recently in Rajasthan’s Kota, parents had objected to using of works like ‘Amma’, ‘Biryani’ in class 2 textbook claiming that they are community specific. Several parents complained that the book is being taught to a majority of non-Muslim students. Charters in the book namely Shanu, Sania, Shireen, Amir and Naseem which have been used for story characters in the book and there are general references like Ammi (mother) and abbu (father). Parents have complained that their children studying in a private English medium school have started to use words like abbu and ammi at their homes and are demanding biryani to eat.

–With Inputs from Pranshu Mishra in Lucknow

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