Save up to $450 on a certified refurbished Peloton

    Save $450: As of Mar. 16, you can snag a Peloton certified refurbished bike(Opens in a new tab) starting at $995 down from its usual price of $1,145, further down from the usual $1,445 for a brand-new bike. That’s a discount of 31% overall.

    The coveted Peloton bike changed the way we think about home workouts. From classes to viral commercials and hashtags, these specialty bikes are considered a luxurious but savvy investment. Refurbished bikes usually start at $1,145, which is already a discount of $300 from the usual starting price of $1,445.

    With this deal, you’ll get an additional $150 off a certified refurbished bike(Opens in a new tab), which means you save a total of $450 as of Mar. 16. These bikes have been pre-owned and returned to Peloton. The company then tests, restores, and repairs them, so they work up to Peloton’s standards. They’re covered by Peloton’s 1-year warranty.

    These bikes aren’t eligible for return and are considered final sale. However, you can cancel your order during delivery, and the company will honor this as long as the bike hasn’t yet made it to your house. This Peloton bike is fully equipped with a 22-inch screen so you can see every detail in your workouts.

    It’s compatible with heart rate monitors and Apple Watches to keep track of your data. The bike also shows you various metrics to see where you’re at in terms of fitness, cadence, and heart rate. You need to purchase Peloton’s All-Access Membership in order to have access to classes, and the current rate is $44 per month.

    Need more variety? You can stack classes and seamlessly transition from one workout to the next. If you’re a workout enthusiast, this is a great deal to check out while supplies last.

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