Rubina Dilaik’s “Real Struggle” With Noodles Is Too Relatable To Miss (See Pics)

Rubina Dilaik’s “Real Struggle” With Noodles Is Too Relatable To Miss (See Pics)

TV actress Rubina Dilaik, who is set to make her debut in movies this year with Ardh, appears to be enjoying the chilly weather with some hot noodles at a restaurant with friends. While the winter is a time to be fun, her struggle with the Chinese snack appeared real. In one of her latest Instagram Stories, the Choti Bahu of the Indian television was first seen trying her hands with chopsticks but soon realized it was not her cup of tea. Rubina Dilaik soon dropped the chopsticks and picked up a fork.

In the video, even one of her friends is heard saying, “Asliyat pe aa hi gaye [accepted the reality]” as Rubina Dilaik tried to shift the attention away from the comment and synced her eating with the music playing in the background. Look at her adorable pictures here:

Rubina can be seen carefully holding the chopsticks


In the next image, she ditches chopstick and starts eating with a fork instead

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No matter how tempting it looks, using chopsticks to eat is not a cakewalk. However, just like Rubina you could ditch the chopsticks and grab hold a fork to enjoy tantalizing and delicious Indo-Chinese recipes any day. From veggie delights to the classic chili chicken, here are some recipes that you can try making at home. 

1.Vegetable Salt And Pepper 

A mix of various vegetables, this yummy dish is a must try. The vegetables are first fried and then amped up with spices and sauces. This is a nice way to make your children eat a variety of vegetables that they usually don’t want to.

2.Egg Manchurian 

As the temperature races to hit the bottom across the country, there’s nothing more warming than boiled eggs. Besides being a versatile food, eggs carry a number of health benefits too. The egg manchurian recipe has some sauteed veggies and a variety of sauces as well.

3.Chilli Chicken 

You can have it as an appetiser or pair the gravy chicken-meatballs with noodles or rice. A perfect spicy meal for lunch or dinner this winter.


Chilli Chicken is one of the most beloved Indo-Chinese dishes ever

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4.Schezwan Paneer 

Some consider Schezwan sauce the best this cuisine has to offer. This is why this sauce is widely used to prepare different desi dishes with a Chinese twist. One of them is paneer.

5.Schezwan Chilli Potato 

Chilli-potato is the go-to snack for most people in India. The crispy snack is often paired with tea or coffee during the evening hours.

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