RIP Twitter trends on Twitter amidst mass resignations as Elon Musk temporarily shuts offices

New Delhi: Amidst the mayhem at Twitter surrounding layoffs and mass resignation, netizens are clear about one thing –it is not the microblogging site they knew once. The “RIP Twitter” comes after hundreds of employees resigned ahead of the deadline given to them by Elon Musk to either agree to his “extremely hardcore” way of work or quit the company. #RIPTwitter is trending on Twitter with 137K Tweets at the time of writing this article.

Here are some Tweets shared on Twitter, lamenting the “death” of the social media company.

Several employees took to Twitter to announce their resignations ahead of the 5 p.m. Thursday deadline (US time) to meet Musk’s new work criteria.

Twitter had around 3,000 employees left after the massive layoffs when Musk sacked about half of its workforce after taking over the company.


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