Rakul Preet Singh Is Beating The Heat With A Chocobar Ice Cream
Rakul Preet Singh Is Beating The Heat With A Chocobar Ice Cream

Summer season and ice creams are a match made in heaven. Gorging on this sweet delight as the temperatures rise outside could be the best thing to do this season. Now, since summer is at its peak, actress Rakul Preet Singh has started digging in ice-creams! At least that’s what her recent Instagram post suggests. The actress shared a happy picture of herself and gave us a view of her frozen delight — a chocobar ice cream. The bright smile on her face was enough to convey the excitement. In the caption, she wrote that it wasn’t “a cheat but treat”.

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Rajul added, “Train your mind to not feel guilty for once-in-a-while indulgence! Let the happy hormones release.” She also added the hashtag “Sunday treat”.

Chocobar is one of the most popular flavours of ice creams. You can easily get it from a street seller or an ice cream store. However, if you want to make it at home, here’s a simple chocobar ice cream recipe. Take a look at the video here.

Coming back to Rakul Preet Singh and her food indulgences, it seems like the actress has decided to go on an ice cream binging spree this summer. And it looks like she doesn’t mind having it repeatedly. A day ago, she had treated her sweet tooth to another yummy ice cream. On that occasion, it was a gooey and rich chocolate ice cream served on a plate. For the caption, she wrote, “It’s self-treat time.”

Summer is also incomplete without mangoes. Rakul Preet Singh, too, advocated the same. A self-confessed foodie, Rakul shared a picture of herself sipping on mango juice. Besides being tasty, consuming seasonal fruits like mango can provide the body with a number of health benefits. Rakul Preet looked happy as she stated, “Mango season is here.”

A couple of months ago, Rakul Preet Singh had gone to the Maldives, where she enjoyed a number of mouth-watering dishes. She had a lavish floating breakfast that included a bowl of colourful fruits, a fruit platter, mini croissants and bread among other delicacies. She had visited the island nation with her family for her father’s birthday. Rakul and her family also enjoyed some pancakes.

Rakul Preet Singh’s food diaries are super exciting and we can’t wait to see what she posts next.



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