Pope Francis Says “A Little Tequila” Would Ease Knee Pain

Pope Francis Says 'A Little Tequila' Would Ease Knee Pain

Apart from the knee problem, The Pope also suffers from sciatica, which causes pain in the legs

Pope Francis, who is the highest authority of the Catholic Church, has gone viral on social media for comments during interaction with some followers in Vatican City. The Pope often meets his followers on top of a bulletproof vehicle, which is called the Popemobile.

According to VOANews, Pope Francis was asked by two Mexican followers how his knee was, to which he responded “Capricious”. He went on to add “Do you know what I need for my knee? A little tequila.” This led to the Mexicans laughing heartily and promising him that they would get him some from their home country. Tequila is an extremely potent liquor that is also considered Mexico’s national drink.

The 85-year-old Pope Francis’ health has been in question ever since he cancelled an official two-day visit to Lebanon in June due to his knee problem. Apart from the knee problem, he also suffers from sciatica, which causes pain in the legs. He has been using a cane, as well as a wheelchair to move around, with many people concerned that his health is deteriorating. According to VOANews, however, close advisors have been quick to deny this speculation with Argentine Bishop Victor Manuel Fernandez tweeting, “He’s in very good health and the same lucid reflection as always.”

During Easter, the Pope attended but did not preside at Masses in St. Peter’s Basilica. In each case, he delegated an archbishop or cardinal to say the Mass while he sat through the service and also read his homily while seated.

The Pope has a busy schedule of travel for the remainder of the year with him visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan in July. He will also be visiting Canada sometime after that.



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