Pooja Hegde’s “Best Cookie Ever” Looks Oh-So-Yummy
Pooja Hegde’s “Best Cookie Ever” Looks Oh-So-Yummy

Cookies and milk anyone? We believe dipping a crispy cookie in a glass of milk or tea, and relishing its soft and sweet texture is a wholesome experience. It is difficult to look past this enticing treat, isn’t it? And let us tell you Pooja Hegde is no different. The actress recently gobbled down “best cookie ever”, and made it a point to share her sweet treat with fans on Instagram Stories. Pooja shared a picture of a delicious-looking cookie, which has left us craving the sweetmeat. The chocolate was oozing out of the cracks of the baked cookie. We bet you the sight is simply enticing.

While sharing a snap of her indulgence, the actress wrote, “Can I just say, best cookie I have ever eaten” along with a drooling emoji.

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Have a look at Pooja Hegde’s “best cookie ever”:

While Pooja Hegde is relishing her “best cookie ever”, we have got you a few recipes to bake delicious cookies at home.

Take a look:

1) Ragi Cookies

Ragi cookies are an ideal option for healthy snacking. Packed with calcium as they are made with ragi flour and cane sugar, ragi cookies are a great way to ward off the 4 P.M. hunger pangs.

2) Quinoa Biscuits

Made with super-grain, quinoa these soft and chewy cookies are packed with protein. Pair these healthy delights with a brewing cup of coffee or a cup of hot tea.

3) Walnut-Blueberry Cookies

Walnuts, blueberries, coconut, maple sugar, and olive oil – a bunch of healthy ingredients come together to make these yummy walnut-blueberry cookies. They are simply perfect for tea-time.

4) Chocolate Chip Cookies

Now, save this recipe to bake a batch of your favourite chocolate chip cookies but in a healthy avatar.

5) Cinnamon Butter Cookies

These egg-less beauties will leave you craving for more, and the aroma of cinnamon and fresh butter gives a savory touch cutting down the sweetness.

Get ready to dunk a crisp cookie in your evening tea.



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