Parineeti Chopra’s Stress Buster Is This Classic Punjabi Meal, Can You Guess?

Parineeti Chopra’s Stress Buster Is This Classic Punjabi Meal, Can You Guess?

Parineeti Chopra’s food antics are something to keep an eye for. The actress never backs off from sharing her food diaries on social media. What’s new on her social media page? Parineeti has shared a photo of a drink on Instagram Stories, it looks thick and creamy and has a beautiful pink shade to it. But there’s something quirky about it. Parineeti claims that she is relishing a smoothie. However, instead of being served in a smoothie glass, it is served in a wine glass. Interesting, isn’t it? Parineeti has captioned the photo, “Normalise having your smoothie in a wine glass.”

Parineeti enjoys a delicious smoothie

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Well, Parineeti Chopra is indulging in more than just smoothies this weekend. She is also enjoying a platter of scrumptious gobi paratha, bowls of Indian curry, and a cup of chai. The actress has shared the photo on Instagram Stories and wrote, “Punjabi science says gobi paratha and chai reduce TV debut stress.”


Parineeti Chopra is enjoying a Punjabi brekfast

Parineeti Chopra’s food habits are not dependent on what others say about it. When she added heaps of butter to her food, she didn’t want to listen to the naysayers. Instead, she flaunted her buttery paratha on Instagram Stories and wrote, “I will not be butter shamed.” We couldn’t agree more.

New Year celebrations saw Parineeti Chopra going crazy over drool-worthy foods. The actress was in Prague during New Year’s Eve and she shared photos of her foodie adventures from her trip on Instagram. Some photos showed a cup of ice cream while others featured delicious coffee with whipped cream and a hot latte with foam. An astonishing multi-tiered gingerbread house also featured in her social media updates.

Foreign locations can make Parineeti Chopra crave some Indian foods too. When in London, she gorged down a desi platter of al, roti and rice. Parineeti posted photos from her food outing and captioned, “I haven’t been to India since March. And so a simple dal, roti and rice brought tears to my eyes last night.”

Parineeti Chopra is quite the foodie and her social media photos prove it. But it’s not always about Indian thalis and exotic cuisines. Some days, Parineeti’s comfort food is a cup of herbal tea or kaadha. When shooting for her next film, Uunchai, in Nepal, Parineeti had to cope with the freezing temperatures. That’s when she chose to drink a cup of kaadha. She called it her “evening essential.”

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