Nutella Iced Coffee Is Now Our Favourite Summer Drink; Try This Easy Recipe
Nutella Iced Coffee Is Now Our Favourite Summer Drink; Try This Easy Recipe

In summer, we are always more thirsty than hungry. It comes as a surprise when we develop an aversion for some of our most-loved dishes and want to have something cooling to drink instead. Cold coffee takes over our love for hot coffee, and chocolaty drinks are preferred over chocolate spreads. So, to bring everything together in one recipe that quenches your thirst and also fills up your tummy, we bring to you Nutella Iced coffee. We don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a generous smattering of Nutella on toasted bread. This hazelnut spread whets our craving for chocolate in an instant. And so does this iced coffee made with Nutella, which is bound to be your next favourite summer beverage after you’ve tried it once.

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Nutella iced coffee can be made in just 5 minutes with just a handful of ingredients. You don’t have to turn on the gas to make this coffee, just blend away all the ingredients to make the perfect frothy, chocolatey and icy drink to stamp out the summer blues.

Here’s a secret tip for you to make cold coffees in summer – be it this one or any other – blend the coffee along with ice cubes or crushed ice. This will help produce more froth in the coffee! And this is what we will do in this recipe.

Can’t wait to make and dunk this incredibly yummy Nutella iced coffee? Here’s how you can make it at home in a jiffy.

Nutella Iced Coffee Recipe I How To Make Nutella Iced Coffee In 5 Mins

First, gather all the ingredients – instant coffee powder of your choice, sugar, ice cubes, Nutella jar, milk, cinnamon powder and some water.

To make one glass of iced coffee: Combine 1 tsp of coffee powder, 1 tbsp Nutella, 1 tbsp sugar, a dash of cinnamon powder, 1.5 cup milk, 1 cup water and some ice cubes, and throw in a blender. Give it a few good pulses till all the ingredients are mixed well and you see froth developing at the top.

Put some crushed ice or ice cube in a glass and pour the coffee over it. Sip and enjoy!

Make this summer better with our recommended Nutella iced coffee and don’t forget to serve it when your guests are over.



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