Metric bemoan the internet on new single “Doomscroller”: Stream

Metric photo by Justin Broadbent

The Metric renaissance is in full swing. The indie rock band’s eighth studio album Formentera is coming July 8th, and they’re offering another preview today with the 10-minute epic “Doomscroller” and its accompanying music video.

“Doomscroller” is essentially divided into two parts: Its front half starts with a steady bass line and four-on-the-floor beat, embellished with scintillating synths. The instrumentals build into a roaring blast of dark house music, as singer Emily Haines’ vocals are distorted to oblivion. Then, the track drops into a piano ballad, before revving things back up with a more rock-forward finale.

As its title implies, “Doomscroller” evokes the anxiety of witnessing the news cycle in the digital age, where disaster always feels as though it’s just one tweet away. “I’m a true doomscroller/ I can’t seem to shut it down/ Until the worst is over/ And it’s never over,” Haines sings.

The video for “Doomscroller” was filmed in-studio by frequent Metric collaborator Justin Broadbent. Haines adds: “Justin captured rare studio footage of the recording of ‘Doomscroller’ and we used it like a visual anchor… These traces of life on earth that appear and disappear throughout the song subtly mirror the shifting moods of the music.” Listen to the song below.

Metric announced Formentera with the lead single “All Comes Crashing,” and they’ll promote the record with a North American tour through this October; get your tickets over at Ticketmaster.



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