Meta’s Most Moderated Word Will See Its Day in Court

    Meta's Oversight Board Reviews Removal of Arabic Word 'Shaheed'

    Image: Kelly Sullivan (Getty Images)

    Meta’s Oversight Board is considering whether to moderate the Arabic word “shaheed” on the company’s social media platform after it was flagged as terrorist-related content. Shaheed, which means “martyr,” is the most moderated word on its platform, accounting for more content removals than any other site.

    Meta requested its semi-independent oversight board weigh in on the controversy and in the request, the company told the board that when translated into English, “shaheed” is typically used to praise or revere an individual who dies unexpectedly such as “in an accident or in a conflict or war.” Because the term is categorized as praising someone, Meta said the word falls under the Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy (DOI).

    “Meta asks the Board whether it should continue to remove content using “shaheed” to refer to individuals designated as dangerous under its Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, or whether a different approach would better align with the company’s values and human rights responsibilities,” the Oversight Board said in a news release. “Meta also requests guidance on similar content issues that may arise in the future.”

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