Masaba Gupta’s Weekend Platter Featured These South Indian Dishes; See Pic

Masaba Gupta’s Weekend Platter Featured These South Indian Dishes; See Pic

South Indian cuisine has its own grace and charm. There are no two ways about it. In fact, once you taste the authentic flavours of dishes like dosa, idli and uttapam, the simplicity of these dishes can enamour any foodie’s heart. And, it seems like these dishes have already won the heart of Masaba Gupta. The celebrity designer has shared a photo of her South Indian platter on Instagram Stories. What do we find there? She is diving into a plate of delectable uttapam and podi. We also see a dollop of coconut chutney on the side. Masaba captioned it, “Uttapam + Podi= (star-eye face emoji).”

Masaba Gupta shares her Saturday south Indian platter on Instagram

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Masaba Gupta’s food tales can be traced back to a healthy diet too. The designer was recently seen rooting for her comfort food. No, it’s nothing exotic. Masaba’s comfort food is the simple homemade khichdi. She posted a photo of her plate of khichdi and vegetables and captioned it, “Let (Homemade) food be your medicine. Whenever I feel like I’m slipping away from the way I normally eat (ridiculous amounts of gajak and chikki) – I go back to khichdi. I eat this at least 3 times a week till my body feels better, with some wok-tossed vegetables on the side for fibre, it’s comforting, yummy and can easily be zhuzhed up with pickle (in exactly this proportion) and dahi. Probiotics, carbs, fibre.” Here’s more of what she wrote.

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Masaba Gupta chose a healthy glass ofsafed petha juice this season. Yes, she is definitely giving us some healthy diet goals. And, we can’t complain. She posted a photo of the juice and wrote about its benefits. She said that the drink is a diuretic and helps relieve sciatica pain. It also cleans the intestines and has anti-ageing properties. It is also good for the summers as it cools down the body. Masaba wrote, “Drink as is or with a pinch of black jaggery or salt. See if it works.”

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