Kylie Jenner’s Dessert Diaries Will Leave You Slurping For Sure
Kylie Jenner’s Dessert Diaries Will Leave You Slurping For Sure

Kylie Jenner likes to keep her fans updated by sharing glimpses of her personal and professional life. And this time around, it’s her amazing food diaries that stole all our attention. Seems like Kylie, much like everyone, likes to binge on some drool-worthy desserts. The two-tiered dessert stand, on her Instagarm Stories, was enough to leave us with a rumbling tummy. Now, let us make you familiar with the desserts arranged on the stand. At the bottom, there are about three tea sandwiches with cream fillings. Besides that, there are a couple of bun-like desserts topped with what appeared to be yummy cream. On the top, we could see a variety of indulgent pastries along with what looked like cheesecakes decorated with strawberries.     

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Now, take a closer look at the sandwich desserts along with bun-like desserts. 


The third picture on her Instagram stories is all things delicious. Some tea sandwich and a cheesecake with chopped strawberries.  


Looking at Kylie Jenner, now if you are willing to gorge on some exotic desserts, here are some recipes that you can try out at home.

1. Eggless pineapple pastry

Yes, you can prepare a scrumptious fruit pastry without eggs. This eggless pineapple pastry is great whenever you want to relish a sweet dish. It’s delicious, creamy and basically, everything that a dessert can be to make your heart happy.

2. Red velvet pastry

Here’s another flavourful dessert you must try your hands at. Red velvet pasty is popular for its creamy taste and soft texture. So, next time whenever you wish to have desserts, try this out at home and you should like it.     

3. Classic lemon tart

If you love baking, you must definitely make this at home. On a weekend when all you want is to spend some fun time at home cooking and eating, have this. This lemony tart is delectable and enough to satiate your sweet tooth.

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4. Fudgy chewy brownies

If you are someone who is fond of gooey, chocolaty delights, these fudgy chew brownies will leave you asking for more. Prepare this at home and enjoy it with your family members.    

5. Low fat Tiramisu

This seems like a good option for all those who are looking for low-fat desserts. A spongy dessert like this one topped with bitter chocolate and cocoa powder tastes like heaven.   

Hope these desserts make your day.



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