KFC Australia Adds Cabbage In Burgers Instead Of Lettuce; Here’s Why
KFC Australia Adds Cabbage In Burgers Instead Of Lettuce; Here’s Why

Let’s agree, the zinger burger is the second most popular dish in KFC – the first one is the fried chicken, of course. Crispy chicken breast, with lettuce, mayonnaise and cheese slice stuffed between a soft bun – this dish wins our hearts every single time. Besides, it is super fulfilling too! But, the much popular KFC burger is currently facing extreme criticism in Australia. Wonder why? It is because KFC Australia has decided to replace the crunchy iceberg lettuce with cabbage in the burgers. Well, this change doesn’t come as a part of the brand’s experimentation with the dishes. Instead, the step is taken due to the shortage of vegetables in the country, explains the brand.

As per a report in AFP, Australia has seen sporadic floods that have destroyed several domestic farms housing lettuce crops. This has led to a price hike (of the verdant leaf) by as much as 300 percent in recent months, forcing the fast-food chain to tweak the Colonel’s recipe in some stores in Australia.

But the news did not go well with several internet users. They took to Twitter to share their disapproval to the whole event. “KFC in Australia removing lettuce from its burgers due to a shortage, thus price increases,” wrote a user. Another person tweeted, “Feels like a sign of the apocalypse.” A third comment read, “Seriously @KFCAustralia if you can’t source lettuce for your chicken burgers, why not just add coleslaw. Problem solved.”

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KFC Australia was prompt enough to address the issue with a statement on their website. It read, “We’ve hit a bit of an Iceberg and are currently experiencing some lettuce supply chain disruptions due to the impacts of the recent Queensland and NSW floods. This means you may see a temporary blend of lettuce and cabbage throughout KFC restaurants in NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT and TAS during these shortages. If that’s not your bag, simply click ‘Customise’ on your chosen product and remove Lettuce from the recipe. We’re working with our multiple suppliers to provide them with support, but we do expect disruptions to continue in the coming days.”

The fast-food chain further apologised to its patrons and stated, “Apologies for any inconvenience caused, we appreciate you all being Little Gems as we work to get things back to normal ASAP.”

What are your thoughts on KFC Australia’s change in the burger recipe? Do let us know in the comments below.



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