“It’s Like A Ghost”: Scarecrow Floating Mid-Air Has Internet’s Attention

'It's Like A Ghost': Scarecrow Floating Mid-Air Has Internet's Attention

The still yet scary human-like installation is enough to instill fear in the flying intruders.

Scarecrows have been long used at farms and orchids to shoo away some uninvited birds and crows that can harm the produce. The still yet scary human-like installation is enough to instill fear in the flying intruders. However, some seem to be always willing to take things to another level. An example of this is in a video that featured a scarecrow. And, we think that the scarecrow will not only keeps the crows at bay but can also terrify the soul of a person.

The clip shows an ingenious scarecrow where a ghost-like figure appears to levitating and moving with the wind. The quirky creator of the scarecrow has attached the figure to a long rod with a handle of a cycle bar on one end. As the wind blows, the “ghost” moves as if it is floating in mid-air.

“When an engineer designs a scarecrow,” the caption read.

The video, which was released on Twitter, has garnered more than 74k views since being posted. And, yes, it has definitely left many users petrified.

A person said, “This sure is a good scarepeople, not sure whether a scarecrow.”

Many agreed that it will indeed scare them to the core.

Another has suggested a good use of the scarecrow. “I would have bought it to scare my neighbour’s kid whose ball always comes into my porch,” the comment read.

Some imagined the extent of fear the scarecrow can bring if seen accidentally at night.

“Other than crows even human trespassers can have a heart attack,” a person joked.

Many hailed it as “the best scarecrow ever.”

Seems like the creator of the scarecrow got some buyers too.

Check out some more reactions.

Though the video first surfaced in 2017, it still manages to thrill viewers to date.



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