How To Make Phalsa Juice: 5 Reasons You Must Add Phalsa To Your Diet
How To Make Phalsa Juice: 5 Reasons You Must Add Phalsa To Your Diet

We all dread the summer season because of the sweat, dust and heat. But let’s admit it, we also love this season for bringing us that special goodness that we can only eat from late April to July. Be it mangoes, watermelon, lychees, muskmelon and whatnot! We absolutely love gorging on these fruits and making the best out of them. However, there is also one more old school fruit that we look forward to this season in all these things. Any guesses on what it could be? Well, we are talking about your beloved phalsa! Also known as black currant, we get these small reddish black colour treats in any local market. Their sweet and tangy taste is something which we all enjoy. Plus, did you know that phalsa also has many health benefits that aid our bodies? Check out some of these health benefits below: 

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Health Benefits Of Phalsa: 

  1. Promotes Blood Circulation  

The iron in phalsa fruit promotes blood circulation. It raises the body’s haemoglobin count, which may aid in treating medical diseases such as anaemia. 

  1. Rich In Nutrients 

Phalsa is rich in essential nutrients, including potassium and protein, which help to strengthen muscles. 

  1. Rich In Vitamin C 

The berry has a significant cooling effect on the body and protects against sunstroke. In addition, vitamin C and antioxidants are abundant in the fruit. 

  1. Good For Digestion 

Potassium is abundant in phalsa, which aids smooth digestion. In addition, phalsa is thought to be helpful in cases of diarrhoea. The digestive system is known to benefit from phalsa juice mixed with a bit of rose water and sugar. 

  1. Helps With Blood Pressure 

It is known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels while also soothing liver and gall bladder disorders. 

So, with these benefits, it goes without saying that you must include phalsa in your diet. However, if you are looking for a new way to consume it, you should try out this excellent phalsa juice! Check out the recipe below: 

Phalsa Juice Recipe: Here’s How To Make Phalsa Juice 

First, clean the berries. Next, prepare sugar syrup with sugar and water. Boil for five minutes. Add the berries and allow them to steep overnight. Blend and strain the mixture. Combine with some water and serve! 

For the full recipe of this phalsa juice, click here

Try out this delicious juice and have a glass of it every morning! It will surely refresh you. 



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