How To Make Ghee And Chaas Out Of Malai – Watch Recipe Video
How To Make Ghee And Chaas Out Of Malai – Watch Recipe Video

Ghee holds a special position in Indian food culture. It has a strong aroma and grainy texture that play a major role in enhancing the richness of the desi dishes. We add ghee to roti, rice and paratha, use as tadka and even cook a complete recipe in desi ghee. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that ghee and Indian cuisine go hand-in-hand. Besides the flavour, its nutritional value too plays a huge role in ghee’s popularity. According to various health experts, it is one of the most treasured foods in traditional medical practice and has incredible healing properties. It consists of fat-soluble vitamins and helps promote weight loss, balances hormones and maintains body’s cholesterol levels. Ghee is also said to have a high heating point that prevents free radical damages in our body. This is why, you will get at least one dedicated dabba for ghee in every Indian kitchen.

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Considering all its goodness and benefits, we bring a simple recipe that will help you make ghee at home every single time. That’s not all. This ghee making process will also leave you with chaas as by-products. You can later use this chaas (or buttermilk) to make kadhi at home. Sounds perfect; right? So, without further ado, let’s look into the recipe.

How To Make Ghee And Chaas Out Of Malai:

  1. To make this dish, you need to collect malai (from milk) for atleast a week or so. Collect all the malai in one bowl and store in freezer.
  2. Now keep the malai on stove and stir occasionally for uniform heating.
  3. Add some dahi to it mix and leave overnight. Make sure you beat the dahi properly before adding.
  4. Refrigerate the dahi for some time to churn white butter easily. Churn with hand blender, mixer or simple spoon.
  5. When you find butter getting separated from buttermilk, use hand and strain out the buttermilk from the butter. Keep the chaas for making sabzi or kadhi out of it.
  6. Now boil the butter well to get ghee out of it. Strain and store the ghee for whenever you need it.

Watch how to make ghee and chaas out of malai:

Try making ghee at home and do let us know how different it tastes from the store-bought ones.

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