How To Make Fish Popcorn In Just 30 Mins
How To Make Fish Popcorn In Just 30 Mins

Think about your favourite seafood and the first thing that will come to mind is fish. Classic delicacies like fish curry, fish pakora, fish biryani, tawa fry fish, fish and chips and many more have outpaced all the culinary barriers and secured a place on several plates, both home and abroad. Besides all these recipes, there are also some hidden gems that are perfect to pair with your evening tea or even serve as starters. You all might have tried chicken popcorn and paneer popcorn. Here we bring you one amazing seafood entrant to the popcorn list. It is called Fish Popcorn. As the name suggests, this quick and easy fish starter recipe is made with fish dipped in a flavourful batter and deep fried until perfection.

While speaking about the taste,, the aroma and texture of this recipe is sure to take over your taste buds and make you want to never leave these heavenly treats. So, if you are on the lookout for a simple yet wholesome fish snack recipe to satiate your evening cravings on any given day, here is an easy-peasy fish popcorn recipe that you can try.

Fish Popcorn Recipe: How To Make Fish Popcorn Recipe

To begin with the recipe, you need to first wash fish pieces. Cut into cubes, preferably. Pat dry with a towel. Now, add all the seasonings like red chilli powder, oregano, salt, black pepper along with ginger garlic paste.

Mix properly, coat the fish cubes. Crack one egg, dip the fish cubes and then coat with them breadcrumbs. Deep fry all the pieces. You can also air fry them if you are looking for healthier alternatives.

PS: make this recipe by using fish fillets only.

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Now is the time to try this short and simple recipe at home and let us know how you liked them in the comment section below.



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