How To Make Chicken Sub Sandwich: A Fulfilling Treat To Satisfy Your Hunger
How To Make Chicken Sub Sandwich: A Fulfilling Treat To Satisfy Your Hunger

No matter the day or time, If you are hungry, a sandwich always helps in fulfilling our growling stomachs. It is one of those things that we make not only to satisfy the hunger but also to serve to the guests. All you have to do is pair a bunch of veggies with sauces and spices, and you’re all set within 10 minutes! However, when it comes to sandwiches, we always opt for that regular aloo masala sandwich, mayonnaise sandwiches or even a mixed vegetable sandwich. Why not mix up the ingredients and make something new?! Now, If you think what new can be done with a sandwich, trust us, there are a lot of things! Take, for instance, a delicious chicken sub sandwich! It is filled with everyday veggies giving you nutrition; the cooked chicken comes with a punch of protein, and the sauces combined with soft Italian bread will make your mouth water! It sounds like the perfect treat, doesn’t it?

This chicken sub is the perfect meal to relish any time. You can even pair it with some fries/wafers or have it with any drink. It will surely leave you drooling. And the best part is, this sub will be ready in just 15 mins! Check out the full recipe below.

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Enjoy the goodness of chicken in an all-new avatar.

Chicken Sub Sandwich: Here’s How To Make Chicken Sub Sandwich

Slice the bread into half, and keep aside. Tear the lettuce leaves using your hands and keep them in a bowl. Place the following on one half of the bread according to the given order: cheese slice, lettuce leaves, tomatoes, onion and cooked chicken pieces. Drizzle with mustard, mint mayo and sweet chilli sauce. Place the other half of the bread on top. The sub sandwich is ready! You can toast it in the oven if you want a crispy bread layer. Then cut it from the middle and serve to enjoy!

For the full recipe of the chicken sub sandwich, click here.

Make this amazing sandwich recipe, and let us know how you liked its taste!



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