How Star Trek’s Newest Enterprise Leapt From Video Games to TV

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    In Star Trek Online’s now non-canonical timeline of the 25th century, the Enterprise-F is launched in the year 2409, under the command of the Andorian Starfleet officer Va’Kel Shon. Shon’s former ship, the Defiant-class Belfast, was destroyed during a mission against rogue Jem’hadar forces transported into the near future by Sisko and the Gamma Quadrant wormhole aliens known in Bajoran religious beliefs as the Prophets during the events of the Deep Space Nine episode “Sacrifice of Angels.” One of the Enterprise-F’s first battles, in homage to that episode, saw it and other Starfleet forces rally to re-liberate DS9 from occupation by the temporally-displaced Dominion forces.

    It’s currently not known if Shon will also be making the leap to Picard alongside his ship, which would make him one of the first, if not the first, original Star Trek Online characters to appear in Trek TV canon.

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