For Kareena Kapoor, World’s Best Tiramisu Is In Kalimpong
For Kareena Kapoor, World’s Best Tiramisu Is In Kalimpong

Kareena Kapoor travels a lot for work and leisure. The good thing about travelling is you get to know different people and cultures, besides the added benefit of trying the local cuisine. Foods offer a great insight into the local culture. And, people long remember the places for the foods they offer. This has come true for Kareena too. As per Kareena, she has found “the best tiramisu” in Kalimpong in West Bengal. In one of her recent Instagram Stories, Kareena shared an image of the classic Italian dessert, and said, “Travelled the world only to find the best tiramisu in Kalimpong”. The actress is in the town to shoot for her Netflix film The Devotion Of Suspect X.

Tiramisu is a no-bake recipe having layers of coffee-soaked fingers and mascarpone cream. The classic tiramisu is arguably the most iconic Italian treat and easy to prepare.’

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If you feel like trying tiramisu, here’s an easy step-by-step guide.

And if you want to taste some more Italian dessert varieties, here are some more:

1.Panna Cotta 

The popular dessert is made with cooked cream flavoured with vanilla. Put some fresh berries and thick vanilla cream for dressing and fall in love with this perfect eggless dessert recipe. It’s most suitable for parties at home.

2.Saffron Cardamom Panna Cotta 

This can be described as a fusion recipe – an Italian dessert with Indian flavours. The spices used in it enhance the flavours.

3. Panettone 

A Christmas favourite, Panettone can be plain, chocolate, or loaded with dried fruits. While it may take time to prepare, the result is satisfying.

4. Gelato 

The word Gelato comes from the Italian word ‘gelatus’, meaning ‘frozen’. The Italian summer treat is often confused with the ice cream – but they are different.



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