Fight Fear With Fire in Saladin Ahmed and Dave Acosta’s New Horror Comic

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    Image: Daniel Warren Johnson/Image Comics

    Fighting for humanity’s survival against a monstrous, existential threat is often a noble cause in apocalyptic fiction—heroes raging against the dying of the light to ensure some facet of our civilization lives on in the face of doom. But what happens when it’s just a contract job that pays like shit?

    That’s where Muhammed Cho and his friends come in in Terrorwar, a new Image Comics series from Magnificent Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ Saladin Ahmed, and Elvira’s Dave Acosta. Set in the remnants of Earth’s last livable metropolis, Blue City, Terrorwar follows Muhammed as he and his overworked fellow “Terrorfighter” freelancers do battle against the Terrors—a hoard of monsters that has pushed humankind to the brink of extinction, and can transform into a living, breathing, killing version of your deepest fears.

    Terrorwar is partially a tribute to the 1980s cinematic sci-fi I grew up with—big guns! Cyberpunk sprawl! Eerie lighting! Badass dialogue!—but it also tries to look forward, telling that sort of story in a 21st-century way in the aftermath of the War on Terror,” Ahmed teased in a comment provided to io9. “Working with Dave on this has been an incredible treat. His art goes from war comic action to weird horror to intimate human moments without missing a beat. And we couldn’t be more excited to have Image bringing this to comic shops!”

    Terrorwar is the comic I’ve been waiting my whole career to draw—far out sci-fi, terrifying creatures, social commentary, and a bit of humor,” Acosta added. “I’m super thankful to be partnering with Saladin again, and I think fans will be shocked when they see what we’ve been cooking.”

    Click through to see the first preview pages from Terrorwar #1, as well as covers by Acosta and artist Daniel Warren Johnson. Terrorwar #1 hits shelves on April 19.

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