Elon Musk And Pune Techie Engage In Light-Hearted Food-Related Exchange On Twitter
Elon Musk And Pune Techie Engage In Light-Hearted Food-Related Exchange On Twitter

Tech billionaire Elon Musk and Indian techie Pranay Pathole engaged in a funny food-related exchange on Twitter. It all started when Musk tweeted an image of a coffee beaker with a cone-shaped top that allowed people to consume the beverage without a straw. The text on the image read, “Not me latching on to my cold brew”. Musk captioned the post, “Stop the war on straws”. Usually people like to sip their coffee if it’s hot. Or they use a straw to drink it if it’s cold.

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Pathole then came out in Musk’s support for relishing foods or beverages in the rather traditional way. He reacted to Musk’s tweet by sharing an image of an ice-cream cup and the wooden sticks that were used to eat it.

“I remember the spoon’s taste more than the ice cream,” the text read on the image shared by Pathole. In the caption, he asked, “Who else?”

For the uninitiated, Pathole, a Pune-based software professional, regularly communicates with Musk on social media.

Musk was among those who responded to Pathole, with a “100” emoji, probably hinting that he agreed with the Pune techie 100 percent.

Musk often has fun on social media on topics related to food and beverages. Recently, he had said that he was aiming to buy Coca Cola “to put the cocaine back in”.

Although he made the statement jokingly, it received wide attention because it came very close to his announcement about the Twitter acquisition. It also became the subject of numerous memes.

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Musk, who is known for his quirky tweets, had, once, tweeted about buying fast-food chain McDonald’s to “fix all of their ice-cream machines”. Recently, he shared a cropped screen grab of the old tweet where he expressed willingness to buy McDonald’s, and wrote, “Listen, I can’t do miracles.”

That wasn’t the only time Musk joked about McDonald’s. In January, he had tweeted that if McDonald’s started accepting Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO has supported, he would eat a Happy Meal on TV.

What are your views on Elon Musk’s tweets and exchanges on food and beverages?




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