Economics Graduate Turns Into ‘Chaiwali’ After She Fails To Find A Job
Economics Graduate Turns Into ‘Chaiwali’ After She Fails To Find A Job

Ever since the pandemic started, we all have faced all kinds of problems. Some of us struggled to earn a bare minimum, while others were laid off from their jobs, and some couldn’t find any. However, as time went by, we saw many people slowly and steadily starting their businesses and thriving. Recently, one such inspiring tale of Priyanka Gupta, an economics graduate, has taken over the internet by storm. Well, if you think why, allow us to tell you. After completing her graduation in 2019, Priyanka Gupta was not able to find a job for two years. That’s when the woman was inspired by the story of Prafull Billore, famously known as “MBA Chaiwala”, and opened up her own tea stall outside Women’s college in Patna!

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Talking to ANI, Priyanka said, “I did my UG in 2019 but was unable to get a job in the last 2 years. I took inspiration from Prafull Billore. There are many chaiwallas, why can’t there be a chaiwali?”

Ms. Gupta offers a wide range of teas. A cup of tea costs between ₹15 and ₹20 and ranges from kulhad chai to paan chai. For only ₹10, a customer can have some tea with a plate of cookies! On the menu card, she described her endeavour as an “initiative towards Atmanirbhar Bharat”. A part of the menu card also read the famous line “log kya sochenge.” In front of that, she also added, “Loh kya sochenge, agar yeh bhi hum sochenge to log kya sochenge (What will people think? If we think this, then what will people think?).”

ANI had also shared photographs featuring Ms. Gupta at her tea stall. Take a look at it here:

As the story has been doing the rounds on the internet, many people have reacted to it. One person said, “You are very inspiring.” Another person said, “Today she is on the initial level and started a new small business but who knows one day she will be inspirational for thousands of people.”

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Someone also added, ‘Wisdom, if it comes late, is still knowledge and useful. Feeling bad for her as she lost her two years, had she chosen this path or any other way of earning, things would have been better before. No work is big or small. Small can become big with the right ideas and strategy. Proud of you, girl.”

However, many people were also worried about the employment situation in India and expressed their concerns for the same.

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