Do You Hate Bhindi? These Smashing Tips And Recipes By Foodies Will Change Your Mind
Do You Hate Bhindi? These Smashing Tips And Recipes By Foodies Will Change Your Mind

Even a fervent foodie will have a list of foods they dislike. We are sure you too would have. We can’t possibly like all the foods out there. Our palate may reject one item or another, and when that happens, we tend to shun that particular food for life. But it somehow makes its way back to our table, sometimes by family or by our host at a gathering. Some popular foods are difficult to evade and bhindi/okra is one of them. That’s why this Reddit thread was started to make people eventually like the foods they hate by giving them alternative ways of making them. And bhindi haters will get lots of solutions here.  

Reddit user Scarlet_Highlander2 initiated the thread on r/cooking group with the post – “Let’s play a game. List a food/ingredient that you absolutely hate, and someone else replies with a recipe that might change your perspective on that food/ingredient.” Another user was quick to reply, “Okra. It’s not the slimy texture, I just can’t seem to love it the way other people do. The slightly prickly stuff on the outside doesn’t help either.” This post started to draw in comments as soon as it was posted with people revealing various tips and recipes to make bhindi taste better. 

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Bhindi can be made in different delicious ways. 

Do you have no particular love for okra/bhindi? Here are some tips shared by users. 

According to one user, “Okra actually comes out fantastic if smoked alongside whatever other barbecue you are smoking.”  

Someone also advised to “Try an Indian/Pakistani stir fry okra dish with a side of chappati.”  

Another tip we found was to fry the bhindi that will get rid of the sliminess. “Dip in a batter made of polenta and lentil flour, and deep fry.” 

Or you could “Look up the recipe for “bhindi kadhi” it’s an Indian curry that deals with the texture issue. Another one is “bharwa bhindi” which is okra stuffed with spiced chickpea flour.”  

Here is our own recipe of bharwan bhindi that you must try.  

And there were many of the opinion that “pickled bhindi” tastes the best.  

This recipe also caught our eye – “Boil okra in lightly salted water (for about 5 min max), then take it out and cut it to smaller chunks. Open a can of sweet corn, add some mayo, and mix in okra. I personally would also add a bit grinded pepper, but it is optional. This is really refresh and easy to cook.” 

And if none of these tips suit you, you could “Try it tossed in olive oil with salt and pepper then roasted at 450 for 15-20 minutes.” 

We liked this tip too – “Salt the okra first to draw out moisture and it loses a lot of sliminess.” 

Some users also vouched for Sri Lankan okra stir-fry recipe.  

But you have to try this super easy healthy recipe – “Cut into coins, toss with some olive oil, air fry @400 for a couple of 7-minute rounds until desired texture. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, then enjoy.” 

Deep-fried, air-fried, pickled or curried, bhindi can actually taste great with the right recipe. Try out these recipes and let us know if you were able to change your mind.  



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