Delhi Air Pollution: Toxic air can impact mental health

Delhi Pollution: Air pollution has a huge impact on all parts of the body. As per the studies, toxic pollutants make their way through nose or mouth to lungs. It needs to be noted that long term exposure to pollutants can damage blood vessels in kidney. Moreover, nitrogen oxides can negatively affect blood vessels causing more rapid build-up of calcium in the coronary artery which can lead to cardiac ailments.

Talking about mental health, you are absolutely wrong if you thought that air pollutants cannot affect the mental health. yes, you heard it right. Air pollution is directly linked with brain and mental health.

Air pollution and human brain


If the various reports and experts’ suggestions are something to go by, air pollution can be linked to depression and anxiety. The high levels of air pollution can damage a child’s cognitive abilities and increase an adult’s risk of cognitive decline. It can also cause depression. Well, don’t get me wrong as only the environmental factors cannot cause depression, but they definitely interact with genetic and biological factors.

A study in 2019 found that air pollution can result into psychiatric conditions and that those who are exposed to high level of pollution were likely to suffer from psychiatric conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and even personality disorder.

Moreover, there are evidence that the toxins and air pollutants also impact the are also linked to the central nervous system. They can impact brain’s ideal functioning ultimately causing disruption and death of neurons that are the brain cells.

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