David Beckham’s “Dinner With Mum” Featured His Childhood Favourites
David Beckham’s “Dinner With Mum” Featured His Childhood Favourites

When it comes to food, there are certain dishes that can make us immensely nostalgic. Be it Maggi noodles or grilled sandwiches, pastries or chips – these were foods we all enjoyed in our childhood days. Just a bite of these yummy treats can transport us back to the happier, more innocent times of our lives. And it turns out our favourite celebrities are no different either! Ace footballer David Beckham recently enjoyed a yummy dinner with his mother, Sandra Beckham. He shared an adorable selfie with her and revealed the amazing delights she cooked for him that included some of his childhood favourites! Take a look at the post he shared here:

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The sweet picture was shared on Instagram by David Beckham, where it has raked in nearly 980k likes in a short span of time. It was a selfie with his mother Sandra and they were seated at the dining table. We could catch a glimpse of the amazing dishes that the footballer’s mother had prepared for him. David Beckham himself revealed all the details of the food she cooked in the caption of the post. “Can’t beat dinner with mum. Gammon, chips, pineapple, fried egg, coleslaw & mushy peas. Favorite as a kid, thanks mum,” he wrote in the caption.

It seems that the duo had quite a delicious feast together, featuring some classic British foods that Beckham also revealed were his favourites. This wasn’t all that they ate, as he revealed that the sumptuous meal was “followed by a jam doughnut and a cup of tea.” David Beckham also apologised to his sister, Joanna Beckham, for not including her as part of the meal. “Sorry Joanna, the queen was home for dinner,” he wrote in the post.

This is not the only time we have caught a glimpse of David Beckham’s foodie side. The football legend regularly shares updates and snippets from his foodie diaries for his Instagram following of 73.2 million. Take a look at the other food-related posts that Beckham has previously shared:

Recently, David Beckham had also revealed what his wife Victoria Beckham eats in a day. David said that the former ‘Spice Girls’ member has been eating the same meal since the past 25 years. He made the shocking statement on a podcast he was invited to speak on.

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