Chandigarh University Alumni Website Features India’s Map Without PoK, Faces Backlash

The Chandigarh University has faced mounting backlash online after a map depicting Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) as part of Pakistan propped in its website’s alumni association section. The distorted map was first spotted by a Twitter user @root3vil who posted a screen grab of the website on June 15. “Hey Chandigarh University, don’t you consider POK a part of India?” the user wrote while tagging the Twitter page of the varsity.

The tweet soon went viral and other several users demanded strict action against the university. Terming the varsity’s act “anti-India”, users called for the boycott of Chandigarh University. “Thank you for telling me this, was about to advise people to take admission here. Can’t let them stay at an AntiIndia institute,” read one of the tweets.

“Why? Lack of Geographical knowledge about India. You are an institution and you are doing this type of rubbish thing, pls do some research don’t do copy and paste and publish correct,” wrote another user commenting on the distorted map posted on the varsity’s website.

Tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, users requested to ensure the stringent action against the university. “Take Strict action against the Top Management of Chandigarh University *THIS IS AN UNPARDONABLE CRIME*,” demanded a social media user.

Some Twitter users also came out in defence claiming that the map used on the website was from a third-party source and was not designed by Chandigarh University. Users pointed out that such similar maps exist on Google Maps and platforms like Wikipedia.

“This mistake is from OpenStreetMap. @Chandigarh_uni was just using their api. FYI- All international map providers don’t show POK a part of India,” claimed a netizen.

“They using OpenStreet maps as seen in image And Map tiles not created by them I believe Developer just use any existing tiles images And all existing tiles have similar issue as developers not Indian,” wrote another. While an official reaction from Chandigarh University on the controversy is still awaited, the distorted map appears to be taken down from the website.

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