Cane Toad Controversy: Is ‘Toadzilla’ a Record-Breaker?

    She’s a whopper!

    When Kylee Gray first laid eyes on the creature, she couldn’t help it: She gasped aloud. Then, the Australian park ranger picked up the cane toad and the surprises kept coming. Gray simply “couldn’t believe how big and heavy it was.” And she was right to be shocked.

    Cane toads, mottled brown amphibians—considered highly invasive in Australia, Florida, and elsewhere—usually weigh around 3 pounds as adults. But the specimen Gray scooped up clocked in at 5.95 pounds (2.7 kg). Fittingly, “we dubbed it Toadzilla,” the ranger said in a Friday news statement. But the toad had lost weight by a later weigh-in, and its place in the record books is uncertain.

    Click through to see more pics of this honkin’ amphibian and to learn more about the brewing controversy.

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